The Interwind Group of companies is a partnership between:


INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTIONAL S.A., member of the Samaras Group, was established in 1992 and its main activity is the construction of complex power production industrial projects and general public and private civil and electromechanical works (i.e. electrification, signalization, and telecommunication - CTC systems for Greek Railways and Greek Suburban Railways) . Among its activities, are included the supply, the erection – installation and the final tests of systems’ operation .

INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTIONAL S.A. possesses the majority of share capital of the company ATERMON SA, a 6th class contractor with large experience, among others, in the construction of high level power production plants, power distribution and natural gas distribution networks as well as sophisticated refinery units undertaken on “turn-key” basis with specialized engineering and construction know-how.

(member of Copelouzos Group of Companies)

DAMCO ENERGY S.A. belongs to Copelouzos Group which was established in 1972. It is one of the most well – known Greek companies in the energy sector with a broad spectrum of activities and involvement in projects concerning the construction and supply of equipment for power plants (thermoelectric, hydroelectric), mines, power generating sets, cogeneration plants, and in general in the development and operation of infrastructure projects.

As a member of Copelouzos Croup, which is involved in strategic sectors of the economy and in large industrial projects, DAMCO ENERGY S.A. has also taken part in the elaboration of various feasibility and environmental impact studies and in the design of many energy oriented projects.

More specifically, the activities of DAMCO ENERGY S.A. include:

  • The development, engineering and participation by investing (and in other ways) in projects in the fields of construction, energy, telecommunications, transportation, infrastructure (harbour, railway, airport, road, sports facilities), as well as in the commercial exploitation or operation of these projects.
  • The maintenance and technical support of conventional power plants ( e.g. PPC plants in Rhodes, Lesvos, Samos, Paros etc.)
  • The supply of power generating sets (PPC stations in various islands) as well as the supply of equipment for cogeneration/biogas (Liossia, Larissa etc.)
  • The rental of power generating sets for covering emergency needs or seasonal peaks of demand (Rhodes, Kos, Paros, Milos, Mykonos etc.)
  • The elaboration of technical and economical studies, feasibility studies as well as environmental impact studies and basic and detailed engineering during all phases of implementation of public or private technical projects.
  • The rendering of technical, financial and legal advisory services during the carrying out of studies, the submission of offers for the construction of technical projects as well as the supply of telecommunication, energy and other equipment.
  • The design and procurement of basic equipment for cogeneration units to industries and other large facilities (hospitals etc.)
  • The design and supply of complete photovoltaic systems and the construction of photovoltaic projects.

DAMCO ENERGY A.E. is very active during the last years in the development, construction and exploitation of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects in Evia, Thrace, Rhodes and other places in Greece whereas a large investment programme is in progress for the construction of wind parks in the Cyclades and in Peloponnese.

Further to its participation in RES projects, DAMCO ENERGY S.A. participates also:

  • In the joint Greek – Italian company ENELCO S.A. , which was established in September 1999 with a percentage of 25% (another 25% is held by PROMETHEUS GAS S.A., a joint company of Copelouzos Croup). The remaining 50% is held by the Italian Enelpower SpA, a subsidiary of ENEL SpA, one of the largest Public Utilities in Europe. ENELCO S.A. holds two power production licenses for two combined cycle power plants at Levadia and Evros of 880MW (2X440MW) total power output.
  • In the joint Greek – Bulgarian company NECO S.A. which was established in August 2002, with 25%. Another 25% is held by PROMETHEUS GAS S.A. whereas the remaining 50% is held by the State Bulgarian power corporation NEK EAD.
The main activities of NECO S.A. are focused on the import and trade of electric energy from Bulgaria to Wholesalers, to Eligible Customers and to the Greek system in general. The future plans of the company include the construction of new power plants and the modernization of existing ones in the neighbouring country.

NECO A.E. has signed long term contracts under internationally competitive prices with PPC and eligible customers in Greece for the sale of large quantities of electricity of Bulgarian origin at the border. In this way it contributes to the security of electricity supply to Greece and in maintaining at low level the cost of electricity in Greece.

  • In GRE - TEX POWER with 100%.
    GRE – TEX POWER is active in the rental of power generating sets on a “turn – key” basis (that is, transportation, installation, operation, maintenance and dismantling at the end of the rental period) and it owns a private fleet of such sets.